Keto 6tm There are at least 7 types of this diet, each of which is designed for a different duration. Express diets up to 3-4 days contrasted with grapefruit diets for 14-20 days. The longer the diet lasts, the lower the percentage of grapefruit in the diet. In express cases, such a fruit replaces almost all food in all meals, that is, a person eats mainly citrus. In long-term diets of this type, fruit is added to 1-2 meals, and sometimes it replaces the usual sources of carbohydrates, be it oatmeal, buckwheat, etc. An example of a diet for express grapefruit diet: Breakfast: ½ grapefruit, a glass of green tea, a slice of bread, a slice of cheese Lunch: 2 red grapefruit, vegetable salad Dinner: 120g boiled beef (filet), 2-3 grapefruit Particular attention is given to losing weight ways to eat grapefruit. They eat not only the pulp, but also the middle of a grapefruit, which is noticeably bitter. Allegedly, it contains naringinin and synephrine, which contribute to weight loss, and at the same time have such a bitter taste. Does the grapefruit diet work? If the performance of the diet - is any number of lost pounds, then of course, this diet "works." You will easily lose kilograms both on the express version and on the long run. Why? The answer is banal - a shortage of calories. This nutritional program makes you eat dramatically less, since the main meals and sources of calories are skillfully replaced by grapefruit, which, thanks to its appearance, texture and rich taste, satisfies our taste and physiological needs. However, it should be remembered that the lost kilograms - does not mean successful weight loss. Too much calorie deficit will force the body to break down muscle tissue or to get rid of excess fluid, while the fat on the contrary - will be protected so that the body has a reserve source of energy for a rainy day of stress and hunger strikes. Also do not forget that even those lost pounds will easily return after the abolition of the diet. Is the phrase “successful weight loss” appropriate here? In our opinion - no. How do people lose weight on a grapefruit diet?

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