Keto Rapid Max prep because you're not gonna know if you like the food I'm being completely honest in the beginning have all types of it and put some pique leaves on top wings on the grill you can just like it can be flavorful as long as the food's flavorful to me I'm gonna eat it so the next question someone asked me is do you think you'll ever try one meal a day without keto to mean your weight look to maintain your weight loss so that question is actually pretty funny because I'm actually not on keto anymore so what I do now is kind of do the modified kilos what I call it so I still have a key I'm said meeting I still eat like keto breakfast I'll still do like a key to lunch and then I'll have like a dinner that's kind of like keto base but always with one card so when I mean one card I mean legs one cup of cook rice one cup of cooked

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